New Birth Certificate Rules, Forms & Document Required

New Birth Certificate FormsThe Registration of Birth Act 1969, was introduced in India to maintain a significant database aiming towards social welfare. Registration data further helps authorities to execute planning & implementation of welfare schemes and policies, a reason why this document is necessary for both parents and government agencies. It is important to be aware about birth rights as those who obtain new birth certificate issued by the legitimate authority are only identified as citizens of India.

New birth certificate registration on child’s name is important to live peacefully in urban and rural areas and to avail benefits of various schemes in which birth certificates is required. To have social security in future, applying for birth certificate in India within 21 days of the birth is mandatory.

New Birth Certificate In Villages and Cities

Municipal corporation is the authoritative body responsible for issuing birth certificate in urban areas. Wherein to apply for birth proof in rural areas, applicant or parents of the child has to visit tehsildar at taluka office to get village level birth certificates.

Gram panchayat office are also responsible for giving information about birth certificate in villages or rural areas. There are separate consulting counters available at offices of village taluka meant for villagers to address enquires about birth certificate and registration in rural areas in India. To apply for new birth certificate, parents has to submit birth registration form at local registrar office. Nowadays, online birth certificate forms can be submitted at municipal website or at tehsildar online portals.

Documents that establishes relation between new born baby and parents must be attached with the application form of birth proof. In the prescribed format birth certificate form must be submitted along with other required identity documents (as per the rules of authority). It is important to inform local authorities about the birth within 21 days of the occurrence of the child. Otherwise, registration procedure will be extended with more formalities including police verification.

The chief registrar at municipal corporation office may take steps to know why birth registration wasn’t done within 21 days of the birth as per the rules and regulations. If the registrar co- ordinate and supervise the matter with birth center (such as hospital) and finds administrative fault then birth center will be responsible for the delay and prior action will be taken for such act.

However, if birth center doesn’t record births or is not responsible for application assistance then parents will be considered as defaulters. According to birth provision act, if any birth has not been registered within one year of the occurrence then the case will be discussed under the presence of Magistrate for verifying the correctness of birth. Along with this, additional fee including certificate issuance and court fee will be charged along with penalty for delaying the procedure of birth registration.

Registration of name of child is another important thing to be considered. If the child’s relation with parents (and their name) is not registered within 21 days of occurrence then legal problems may occur in future when identity documents are required. To avoid that either registrar of hospital must enter name and date of occurrence with accurate time or in prescribed format written application can be submitted by the parents at nearby registration office.

How To Apply For New Birth Certificate In Urban and Rural Area

In rural areas there are various departments available to help parents register their child birth. Government also organize free health check ups and camps for pregnant women where registrations can be done. This data help agencies to contact parents after nine months of pregnancy or after occurrence of the child complete registration. But in case if one has not registered in health camps then prior birth form must be submitted at respective tehsildar office in village.

Applicants can fill online forms by accessing mobile internet. Besides this, one can take help to write informative application stating name, time, date and occurrence place along with parents name and address details. This application must be attested with identity documents of parents such as Aadhaar card, voter id card, etc

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