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Maharashtra is one of the most populated State in India. Every year, the database of birth certificate registration in Maharashtra is crossing expected figures. This perhaps is an alarming situation that raises the question about Maharashtra population and birth ration. Nevertheless, having the birth rates recorded in the database is the key to find solution. Without accurate data, Government cannot work on social welfare schemes and calculating the sustainable development levels is too impossible. That is why, Government emphasises on registration of each and every citizen of India throughout various cities.  Since the number of applicants for birth certificate are many and the procedure is crucial, it is recommended to continuously follow up birth certificate application status.

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One can check status of birth certificate by with the help of reference number, received at the time of registration. The method of birth registration has changed and is less time consuming.  Nowadays, Maharashtra birth certificate registration can be done online mere by applying on the Aaply Sarkar website. You can also check Navi Mumbai birth certificate procedure by visiting here

The procedure has been simplified and is much reliable for people who wish to access their document online. They can even download birth certificate online once it is issued by the authority. However, tracking application status is only possible if the applicant has fulfilled the prescribed criteria and has been verified.  Reports are then made and documents submitted by the guardian are verified by conducting a neighbourhood vigilance.

As per a study conducted by the Online Information Agency introduction of E-services is very beneficial and has increased participation of people despite of their region. More than 80% of certificates are now being sanctioned  online to those who had submitted all the required documents in prescribed format.

How to Obtain Maharashtra Birth Certificate

The online portal ( allows you to view birth application status. One can also collect the information on registered contact number. The most important section while doing registration is adding ‘personal information’ which reveals authenticity of an individual. This section lists out details of applicant including name, age, nationality, guardian, parents details and more.

As the application status will have such details, it is important to check details correctly before submission. While doing registration online several Certificates are required in few cases as the applications are likely to consider as ‘birth rate status’ in particular area and thereby contains certain regional remarks for collecting data.

From reviewing policy to analysing concerning factors in birth ratio everything is done based on data received by health centres where registration by local residents has been done. Nowadays E-registration has changed the process entirely and in fact has made it easy for departmental officers to check live data. While on the other hand applicant can too check birth certificate status as per updated information.

Track Status Online

Most e-registration portals provide an online status checker for applicants to stay updated about their current application status. However, one can check the information offline as well. Offline birth certificate status can be checked by visiting health centres.

It require filling personal information such as Name, Number, and Date of Birth to view the status of online birth certificate registration. The feature is available on all portals of metropolitan city’s website. Customers will get a real time update on their status without any hassle.

It is important to know that the validity of the birth certificate is lifelong however, application reference number is only valid till the time certificate is being issued by the authority. It is basically offered to the applicant as provisional receipt through which application status can be checked online.

Documents Requirement

  • Hand written Application to issue certificate
  • Proof of Birth of guardians
  • Affidavit with birth details including date and time
  • Copy of Ration Card
  • All documents to be attested by a Gazetted Officer

Procedure to Apply Birth Certificate Maharashtra

The procedure to obtain a birth certificate online can be understood by manually accessing official website however to get affidavit for birth in Maharashtra one has to submit certain documents and need to consult a notary. To download birth certificate online form in Marathi, go to the homepage of the web portal and check right top of the screen. You can change the language option from English to Marathi and then can access the website according to your language preference.

The procedure is same for registration as well. However, applicant has to save the PDF format on desktop to access and fill it later on for online submission. It is important to carefully download birth certificate form no 5 as it is the prescribed format for Gram Panchayat Maharashtra. PDF format of Aaple Sarkar birth certificate can be downloaded from the “Download Forms” section.

Birth and caste certificate Maharashtra can be applied by approaching nearest district Municipal Corporation Office as well. The certificate issuing authority will ask for documents and application along with first time registration fee which Rs 5/-. After this verification will be conducted. Signature of senior authority person of the hospital on birth certificate application form is also required to prove legitimacy of the applicant and submit application as per given format.

In application form details of applicants such as name, place, parent’s initials, hospital details, residential address are most important information to be provided by the applicant. Any mistake in these application may cause problem in obtaining the certificate.

However, if one carefully fills the application and submit required documents then after verification Municipal officer will issue birth certificate with government stamp that can be collected either from office or will be posted by the department on mentioned residential address. It is important to follow up the entire procedure and be informed about the birth certificate status that can be checked through reference number.

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