New Birth Certificate Affidavit Format

birth certificate affidavitAn individual’s birth facts are recorded in birth and death registration system and a legal document is offered to parents in a form of a certificate issued by the authority. This document that certify occurrence of a new born baby is called birth certificate. It is proof and a vital record considered for identity verification of a citizen. The affidavit of birth is a subordinating paper that verifies facts related to birth. In other words, it is an alternative in absence of letter issued by medical officer. It is signed and notarized by Gazetted officer before demonstrating as a vital birth record.

New birth certificate affidavit format must be checked before submitting birth application form. Prescribed format for submission of form and official papers must be followed. Verification procedure is conducted only after submission of complete documents and then birth certificate is issued within two weeks of the procedure.

Parent’s ID proofs, letter from medical officer, birth certificate affidavit, address proof and nationality proof are vital official documents required to get certificate of date of birth of a new born. Affidavit is also used for correction in certificates, there are different formats of birth certificate affidavit considered in English language.

Register & Apply for Birth Certificate in India

According to the Civil Registration Act 2004 several changes in registration of birth were implemented. While the Gender Recognition Act 2015 prohibited gender identification during pregnancy, registration of birth in villages became more prominent and mandatory. This helped government to balance gender ratio and improve equality in backward sections of society by introducing several Yojnas and schemes.

Birth certificate applications are processed at Municipal Corporation office, panchayat and hospitals. Required documents to get certificate of birth are parent’s identity documents, parent’s marriage certificate, letter given by the hospital, and residential address of guardians.

Visit municipal corporation office to submit birth registration form, get a letter issued by hospital or medical officer in charge. Registration must be done within 21 days of new born. Verification will be done related to place of birth, date, time, parent’s name. Within two weeks, certificate will be posted at the address given in the application.

One can apply for tatkal birth certificate as well by submitting additional fee and can get the document within one week of submission of new birth registration affidavit and form in prescribed format along with other documents required to get birth certificate.

birth certificate affidavit format

Birth Certificate Affidavit Format for Passport

To apply for passport online entails getting an appointment at the Passport center or at Passport Seva Kendra (PSK). This can be done by visiting PSP website viz. and submitting the online passport application form. Along with application, submission of an affidavit of birth is required for passport application. After paying the passport fee online. Applicant can schedule time for verification. With ARN receipt one can monitor PSK process and status of passport application. Birth certificate affidavit for passport is one of the important document that should be in prescribed format. Declaration from the application along with name and residential initial are required and it must be attested by Gazetted officer.

Why Affidavit of Birth Document required?

  • To check Birth Record Legitimacy.
  • To locate applicant’s personal and residential details.
  • To Verify applicant when applying for a job.
  • For Green card and Visa applications, Affidavit of Birth Certificate is mandatory.
  • Affidavit format for Birth Certificate Translation must be followed to successfully submit the application.
  • If certificate of birth has been lost or misplaced then also Affidavit of Birth is required to verify birth information.
  • Affidavit of birth in English for TCS by date must be made in prescribed format otherwise it won’t be accepted.

Birth Certificate Affidavit by Parents

This mainly contains information related to parents. Time of registration is mentioned along with parent’s name initials and residential proofs. Accurate information about their nationality is also mentioned, if that information is found false then legal action can be taken. Parent’s marriage certificate is also important document to be submitted along with identity proofs. Affidavit that parents sign defines paternity for the child, agreement with the information related to birth occurrence, date and time. Basically, this is a voluntary step taken by parents to acknowledge birth of a child and secure future till the time they get birth certificate of a new born.

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