How To Apply for Birth Certificate Online in India

Apply for Birth Certificate Online in IndiaBirth proof is a vital evidence that demonstrates person’s nationality and give protection under the law. Online procedure to apply for such important birth certificate is easy and convenient. To register, follow step by step guide and complete the procedure by filling accurate details. It takes very less time to fill birth application form online and doesn’t require standing in long queues. A reason why there has an increased number of applications submitted since the launch of government online registration for birth certificate in India.

According to the constitution of India, every individual has right to protection. Out of many other ways, having certificate of birth is one such way that entitles Indian citizen to get the protection under the civil law. Birth certificate is one of the most significant document that not only demonstrate a person’s national identity but in fact is useful as document proof in various procedures.

When applying for new passport, taking admission in college or school then certificate of birth having name and address initials is essential. It must be presented as legitimate proof of taking birth in the country. Obtaining marriage certificate is not possible without birth proof. Demonstrating this certificate of birth as identity proof for people born in the country is mandatory in migration cases as well. If applying for government jobs, state level championships or participating in competitive exams, birth certificate with accurate details is required as identity proof.

Given below details about how to get birth certificate in India will help you get online birth proof. To apply for fresh birth application for new born, one has to visit area’s municipal corporation website, and where birth certificate correction can be done as well. Parent’s identity proofs is required when applying for new born baby’s identity/birth proof. Applying within 21 days of birth is mandatory as it will be a vital record/proof of child’s birth, belongingness to the parents, identity, region, and nationality.

Apply Birth Certificate Online

Birth certificate is a necessary identity proof for people living in India or in other state. Without birth certificate one cannot get any other important certificate which is issued by the government. The procedure starts with registration and the application will be addressed within 21 days. Birth registration records are kept at Municipal Corporation offices, panchayat and hospitals. However, nowadays new database has been created online to secure the information and have easy access to registration and birth records. A reason why birth registration in cities of India are now conducted online. Applicants can check application status online and can get duplicate birth certificate copies with registration number as well.

By looking for city and state in GOI Search section for birth certificate application and after downloading application form, online submission can be done. Submit identity proof documents and fill accurate details in the form. Filling accurate details in the form is significant. Birth registration fee can be paid online as well through safe mode. Take a screenshot of the complete form and save it for reference.

Documents Required For Birth Certificate

• Parent’s birth certificates
• Parent’s Marriage Certificate
• Proof of birth letter from the hospital
• Parent’s identity proofs
• Birth letter issued by hospital and signed by the medical officer in charge.
• Application form with accurate details of the child and birth details like place of birth, date, time, parent’s name, nursing home, gender ect.
• Residential address proof.

Is it necessary to have birth certificate for passport?

When applying for passport showing proof of birth to the authorities and submitting all other necessary documents is important. As birth proof is only issued by the Government of India, no other deed of paper is acceptable as vital birth record. There is no alternative to birth certificate. Passport Department accepts only original birth certificate copies, which are then verified with the concerned municipal office to identify details.

The Certificate is also required if one wish to link Aadhaar card with bank account, or if want to apply for fresh Aadhaar card voter id card online. Without valid birth proof copy, other important documents cannot be obtained.

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